What Is UHC?

At various times, Boz hosts UHC's. UHC, or Ultra Hardcore, is a game-mode in Minecraft with the help of Boz's very own plugin that utilizes hardcore game elements, and stresses a player's Combat, Mining, and Teamwork capabilities. In this game mode, there is no standard health regeneration, a fast border shrink from a 1000 block diameter to a 50 block diameter in either 30 minutes or 45 minutes, and an intense lava rise that will force players to the surface for PVP! Be careful to not take damage though, because if you do, the only way to regenerate health will be to eat a Golden Apple, Golden Head, Notched Apple, or Healing Potions! In order to get a head, you MUST kill a player! There is an 80% chance of the player dropping a head, so there is a good chance one will drop! In most cases, your team-mates will be random, so good communication is a must! We require that players use Discord, which can be found Here. With Discord, players will be given the info for the server, as well as everything they need to know for the next UHC game! We hope to see you in the next game!

UHC Game modes

Boz's Plugin allows for various types of game modes to be played, from Free-For-All, to Standard, Super Friends, Mystery Teams, Point Mode, Infected, Time Fracture, Mole Mode, Game of Thrones, Tele-Wars, etc! These game modes all are unique in their own way, which makes every match a brand new experience! But in all of these game modes, one goal still remains. Be the final team/person alive to win! You can be redirected to a list of ALL the available game modes and variations of Boz's UHC plugin in the "Game Modes" section on the Navigation Bar, or by clicking Here.

UHC Requirements

In order to Play UHC, you MUST have a legit copy of Minecraft. We currently use Minecraft 1.16.4. You also should have the Discord Client for communication with your teammates. Then you just need to on days where Boz streams UHC, go into the "UHC Waiting Room" on discord. This area is where players wait and Boz goes over any rules or info about the UHC match on his stream. Once teams are formed (if a team game) you can go to the special UHC channels specific for each team.

UHC Rules

  1. 1: No 3 Block high defensive structures. Also, do not dig down to make your 2 block high structure a 3 block high structure.
  2. 2: No Towering.
  3. 3: No Scaffolding.

UHC Stats Pages

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Season 10

Free for All

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